Remember my friend Whitney? Well, we threw her a vintage baseball themed baby shower last week, and it turned out so cute! Of course I was flitting around taking pictures the entire time. My biggest contribution to the shower was the baseball decor - baseballs, books, gloves, bats...we have a whole garage full of these things! Everyone went home with their own bag of Cracker Jacks, and Whitney went home with a car full of presents, and a bible highlighted and signed with everyone's favorite verses for the baby. It was a sweet time, and we can't wait to meet the little slugger soon!

  • Hi Melissa! The chalkboard was just our guesses for when the baby would come and how big he would be. Our predictions :) I don't think there was any water in with the daisies, we just pushed them into the seeds. If you wanted to do water, you could always use a smaller vase within the jar for water, then pour seeds around that. I hope that makes sense.

  • Melissa Samsvick

    on March 18, 2015

    I love your shower, you did an awesome job! It is so adorable! I'm planning a baby shower, very similar to this right now! I'm curious, was there a game you played with the chalkboard name/dob/weight/height? Also, how did you put the daisies in with the sunflower seeds as well as water?

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